Love & Light

"Love & Light" ist die poetische Interpretation eines traditionell islamischen Bittgebets (Dua).

Übrigens, wir haben Baraka Blue, aus Seattle stammend, getroffen und gefragt, was ihn inspiriert, das zu tun, was er tut: Über die Kunst und das Göttliche

L Y R I C S:

May your day be filled with love and light

may your wrongs be right

may your songs be tight

may your words give sight

may your nur shine bright

may you always be on the righteous side of the fight

may your lovers be loyal

may your soil be fertile

may your khakis stay creased my your locks stay oiled

may your plans never get foiled

may your plot thicken

may your chicken be halal

may your style be sufficient

may your soul be free of its prison

may Allah increase you in your vision

may you find everything you’ve been missing

may you awake for prayer before the sun has risen

when you speak may your audience listen

may you never feel trapped in the system

may you sire many righteous children

who will act on prophetic tradition

may you always have food on your plate

may you learn from every mistake

may you rise above all the hate

and may Allah increase you in your state

may you never pretend that you are what you aint

may your friends be real and never be fake

may your rent never have to be late

and may your health always be great

may Allah forgive every sin

now and forever if you falter again

and may you always stay close with your kin

and may He make all your enemies friends

may He make reality of your plans

may your present be pleasant may you have a good end

may your heart be purified of its flaws

may you act according to the laws

that were revealed in the book of Allah

and may He catch you whenever you fall

many the One guide you to the truth

when you doubt may He show you the proof

may you be like the ahl asuf

with the wisdom of the elders, the energy of the youth

may He accept your prayers and your fasts

the very first all the way to the last

and remove obstacles that you have

and may you receive everything that you ask

may you never have regret for your past

and receive mercy not the wrath

and as you travel down your personal path

may you always have a reason to laugh

Baraka Blue in Berlin: (c) Hamziyya Chants

Baraka Blue